Lunar Sabbath Fellowships around the World

This page is for announcements of locations and contact information for Lunar Sabbath Fellowships around the World. If you have or know of a Lunar Sabbath Fellowship that is not listed, please have that group/fellowship submit their details to be included on this page. Contact this Webmaster at . Countries, states, provinces, cities etc., will be added as they become known. Please note that lunar sabbath fellowships may, and often do, differ in their understandings of the how they believe the count works and other varied opinions related to it. We believe that a true understanding can only come from our Father YHWH's Ruach (set-apart Spirit) to guide each of us to know and learn what YHWH would have us believe and live.  Seek YHWH first for guidance.

Lewi H'Cohen

P.S. Many people around the world came to the basic understanding of the Lunar Sabbath by being introduced to the the book, Keeping Yahweh's Appointments

Lunar Sabbath Fellowship discussion group on Google groups.

Countries/Continents where Lunar Sabbath Fellowships have asked to be listed here.
United States of America

United States of America


 Carl Felland,


Shalom Alychem forgive my spelling just writing to find a fellow believer. My name is Ytzak chy'ee ehud Ben Yah. And I'm located in the mother load area of CA. Pretty lonely up here bunch of red neck christians oh sooo blind. Been keeping scriptural shabbath 4 years with out a calendar or a computer just by sheer observance so some months I'm off give or take a day but I'm hoping to get correspondence from fellow believers. just to talk and communicate with the outside world. Don't get to a computer often trying to spend most of my time out of Babylon in the wilderness on the earth Yah made for us. But to keep the scripture written by Rav Sha'ul forsake not the brethren. I got a email address if any body would like to write. Shalom for now. Ytzak


Yahweh's Sabbath Restoration, Merritt Island, Florida,
Tom Robbins, Email:

Thom Hill, Email


Bro Arnold Bowen  or

Congregation of Yah, c/o Troy Underwood, 166 Amelia Ct. Unit 6705, Ellijay, Ga. 30540
706-276-4967   706-847-7275


Beth Lechem Messianic Ministry, Yakov Levi, Program Director, Northern Idaho




Tunkhannock, Pennyslvania
Yahweh's - YHWH's Mt. Zion Encampment
Rabbi Sh’liach H. Shemu'el & Rebbetzin Almah bot-Levi Dombek  Phone: (570) 836-6055

South Carolina

Remnant Bible Fellowship of South Carolina. Aaron Bollinger. Aaron has a a growing Internet ministry, and regularly does "Lunar Shabbat Fellowship" chat rooms in the Pal Talk server network.


Assembly of YHWH - Chattanooga, Tennessee, Contact Joey Thompson  PH: 423-580-4598

Assembly of YHWH - Knoxville, Tennessee, Contact Joey Thompson  PH: 423-580-4598


TSIYON MESSIANIC RADIO - College Station, Texas
"On the Road to Tsiyon with Eliyahu ben David" is broadcast via satellite from the USA and Israel.
No satellite dish?   Hear the program streamed free on the internet from the site.
While there, get your free book on the Biblical Lunar Calendar by Eliyahu ben David - Holy Time


Covenants of Promise Ministries, Northeastern Washington State, Ernie LEe HoCH (Le[vi] H'CoH[en])


Sha'ul ben Yahukhanan
The Way of the Anointed Son Ministry
ON, Canada


Erets HaChayim Fellowship, Malta, European Union, Rabbi David Pollina, +356.9932.9932


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