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NOTE: all sabbaths begin the evening BEFORE the date listed. There are two Sabbath’s back to back at the Feast Of Weeks. After trying this last year, I have made a decision regarding what appears to be a “natural rule” regarding the Feast Of Weeks (Pentecost). We are, at this juncture, treating this feast as a “double” sabbath (similar to the new moon) that re-sets the sabbath pattern on the 50th day. This worked perfectly last year when I rendered it thus, and seems reasonable that there is a natural basis for doing so.

I do not, and will not, consider myself and these dates to be without error. They are the best I can do after looking at the lunar cycle for about 17 years now. Note also that there was likely a mistake in calculation sometime between December of 2006 and the present passover, 2007. It is corrected as rendered on this schedule - with the new First Month dates.

Last, one or two religious “experts” have criticized me harshly if I render three months in a row with either two new moon days, or three. They have forgotten that the lunar cycle does not fit into whole numbers - ever - it is what it is - Yah’s beautiful creation. Please feel free to adjust any dates you believe are incorrect, and drop me a note at your convenience.

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IMPORTANT: Please drop Jonathan a note only if it pertains to Lunar Sabbath questions or issues. All other inquiries should be addressed to the Webmaster at erniesilvr@gmail.com.
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The Lunar Sabbath Model

The Scriptural Lunar Sabbath Calendar - common law copyright 2001- 2006  Ernie Hoch v.032304

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[WARNING: The linked articles below are from various sources and are only compiled here for ease of linking to but contain various doctrinal positions with which I do not necessarily agree. They are presented here for the factual historic information and documentation they do contain. - Ed.]

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